The Little DARling, The Way for Guerrilla Filmmakers to Capture Audio

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My most anticipated product of the year just got more drool-worthy. JuicedLink’s micro-sized recording unit, designed for obtaining high quality sound with a stealthy profile, now adds new features — including wireless control & digital slate tone. Read the full post hereThe Little DARling, Now With Wireless Control, Could Change… Keep Reading »

Crafting the Intricate and Immersive Sound of Interstellar

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nterstellar has a lot going for it. Beautiful 70mm cinematography. Stunning visual effects. But what might be the most affecting aspect of the film is the sound. Read the full article here Crafting the Intricate and Immersive Sound of Interstellar.

California Showcased in Timelapse

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California is an amazing place! If you’ve got four minutes, watch this amazing timelapse tour of all of the most visually stunning places California has to offer, filmed over four years, from coastline to mountains to deserts, from cities to agriculture to national parks. It is the most populated state… Keep Reading »

Inspiration: Meet Todd Adventurer, Motorcycle Builder, Photographer, Artis

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Todd is a brilliant photographer, artist, graphic designer and motorcycle builder who loves to document two-wheeled adventures with a camera.

Video: 8 Ways to Put Your Mafer Clamps to Work

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Video: 8 Ways to Put Your Mafer Clamps to Work.

Our Extreme Helicopter ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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We are a collaborative team over at Rogue Collective and we were challenged by Asher Segelken @asherstp to do the #icebucketchallenge Naturally we weren’t satisfied with anything less than epic….. Watch!

Inspiration // 20syl – Kodama (official music video)

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As a kid to spent a lot of time tinkering with electronics (and I still do) this video really caught me off guard – especially near the end where it takes a surprising twist. Be Inspired!

How Canon Cameras and Lenses are Made

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Although a little stale this video is absolutely fascinating to me! Go behind the scenes with Canon, see behind the walls into their labs, and explore the factory to see just how they go about making the DSLR cameras we filmmakers use every day.

Inspiration // What “Like A Girl” Really Means

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#LikeAGirl by Always is a truly inspiring campaign that I didn’t quite expect. Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. It’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence. Always is kicking off an epic battle to make… Keep Reading »

Inspiration // Wilderness Collective

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Wilderness Collective travelled to Anchorage to ride snow-machines across 400 miles of “the last frontier.” Watch the film to see incredible landscapes and hear from a true Alaskan about what matters most in life. Be Inspired!

Inspiration // Perfectionists at Wimbledon

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For years, Wimbledon had been plagued by pesky pigeons. That was, until, Rufus made his home in the stadium. Rufus the Hawk takes us through a day in the life of the fiercest member of the tennis tournament’s security team. Be inspired!

I Dare You To Watch This Video

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When was the last time you were able to sit down and watch an entire video on youtube without skipping ahead or scrubbing the timeline to see what happens next? Yeah me too… so I dare you to watch this video. Something to think about right? Where do we spend… Keep Reading »

Inspiration // Barcelona GO! An Amazing Timelapse Creation

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BARCELONA in Flow-Motion – A fast moving short film that will be sure to wow your imagination and blow your filmmaker mind! Be Inspired!

Zoom H5 Out Today

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I’ve been a big fan of the Zoom H4n for a number of years but it certainly has its flaws. Battery life is probably my biggest complaint along with no physical audio level control knobs – that pesky clicking noise while adjusting audio levels – no thank you. All of… Keep Reading »